37 Dangerous Side Effects of Coffee (And How To AVOID It)

Side Effects of Coffee, 37 Negative Effects You Have to Know (And How To AVOID It)

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Lisa Morin - last year

Great post and very informative. Thank you!

Rochelle - last year

I avoid caffienated coffee altogether for many of these reasons. One cup is enough to over-stimulate me, it bothers my stomach,and I feel as if I have been run over by a bus. It also lowers my blood sugar and I end up craving carbs. To me it is just not worth it so if I am craving a hot drink I either drink organic decaf or green tea.

Alicia @ Nutrition Realm - last year

Oh! This is one gigantic post.

Thanks for sharing David 🙂

We also have a post on alternatives to Coffee here: http://nutritionrealm.com/13-energy-boosting-foods/


Erika Roldan - last year

Great post! personally I´m not a caffeine consumer, and try to avoid coffee, because of acid reflux. I´d rather take a tea instead.

Patricia - last year

Great post! I stopped my coffee addiction about two years ago and feel so much better. I gave it up to help ease my chronic inflammation associated with Osteoarthritis. However, I do love the taste, so I have one coffee per week. Your body and your brain will thank you once you can clear caffine from your system.

Patricia Frederick
Certified Health Coach and Culinary Nutrition Expert @ Warmly Nourished

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